Radio is the debut episode of the Aunty Jack Show series, broadcast on the ABC. It introduces the main character of the series, Aunty Jack, (Grahame Bond) and sparked off one of Australia's most well known comedy television series.[1]  Not to be mixed up with the unaired pilot episode.[2]

Plot synopsis Edit

This 30 minute episode featured skits of the main characters doing a take on talk back radio shows.[3]

Appearances Edit

  • Aunty Jack - Grahame Bond
  • Narrator Neville - John Derum
  • Thin Arthur - Rory O'Donoghue
  • Flange Desire - Sandra McGregor
  • Beryl Squiggly - Sue Hollywood
  • David Atkens
  • Bill Bower
  • Terry Camilleri
  • Paul Faranda
  • Greg Saunders
  • Michael Somerville
  • Richard Walker
  • Graham Watson[4]

Notes & trivia Edit

  • The episode was released on DVD in the Aunty Jack Show Series 1 box set in 2006.[5]

Technical Information Edit

Length - 30 mins.

Aspect Ratio - 4:3

References Edit