Horror is the last episode of The Aunty Jack Show series 1, broadcast on the ABC in 1972.

Plot synopsis Edit

The episode is themed around horror and Halloween, as Aunty Jack is arisen from the dead. The episode features several well-known skits to finish off the series, including Kev Kabannah and the Vampire Railway scene, where the double-headed super hero fends off against Aunty Jack.[1]

Appearances Edit

Aunty Jack - Grahame Bond

Narrator Neviile - John Derum

Thin Arthur - Rory O'Donoghue

Flange Desire - Sandra McGregor[2]

Notes & trivia Edit

  • The episode was released on the Aunty Jack Show DVD Box Set in 2006.

Technical Information Edit

Length - 30 mins.

Aspect Ratio - 4:3

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