Aunty Jack Introduces Colour is a one-off television special edition of The Aunty Jack Show, broadcast on the ABC. It was created two years after The Aunty Jack Show finished and featured the main character, Aunty Jack, played by Grahame Bond even though the main character was killed off in the last season in 1973.[1] The episode was 5 minutes long and remains today most known to be the first show to be broadcast in colour.[2][3]

Plot synopsis Edit

The special shows the three main characters interacting with the new colour monster[4] invasion to television, as Aunty Jack (Grahame Bond), Thin Arthur (Rory O'Donoghue), and Kid Eager (Garry McDonald) are swallowed into the world of colour television, as colour wipes from the bottom of the screen, converting the ABC into colour television.[5] The characters are shown attempting to resist the arrival of colour, with Aunty Jack fighting the process with "colour remover" in what ultimately becomes a futile process.[6]

Appearances Edit

  • Aunty Jack - Grahame Bond
  • Kid Eager - Garry McDonald
  • Thin Arthur - Rory O'Donoghue[7]

Notes & trivia Edit

  • The episode was not released on DVD.
  • The special was started at three minutes to midnight,[8][9] so that the episode would swipe to colour at midnight, beating all other Australian commercial television stations, which respectively changed to colour television on the 1 March 1975, although many sources misquote that the episode was aired on the 1 March.

Technical Information Edit

Length - 5 mins.

Aspect ratio - 4:3

References Edit